About us

The Singing Stone is a holy place for the safekeeping of the ancient indigenous Lakota ways, for the eternal fire that roars within all people’s heart, the flame that rekindles the spirit of this land, burning away the illusion of ourselves.

Through this crackling voice, Grandfather Fire counsels us with his warmth, teaching respect through tradition and humility with power.

Ours is a home of the humble stone, the tipi of a singing rock, where Grandmother Earth, Unci Maka, sings the songs of wisdom almost lost.

She tells us the stories from within ourselves, of the White Buffalo Calf Maiden and the secret that she carries in her sacred medicine bundle.

She whispers the teachings of the Little People and other things unfathomable to the industrialized mind.

She breathes into us the sacred breath of life, whistling through our hollow bones the gales of non-attachment, the impeccable wind of our ancestors and the dawning knowledge of a bright new world.

Within this lodge of the sacred breath of life flows the mysterious feminine power of the universe herself.

Her teaching flowers from the human soul, its wordless pages blossoming silent wisdom, slowly unfolding the petals of our heart.

Her fragrance drifts from a circle without end, an eternal hoop of traditions that we nurture for all our relations.

The reason for this preservation is not to stop the evolution of a native path but to stop the domestication of it. Domestication declaws it making it an obedient pet rather than a fierce panther that inspires reverence and change.

True spiritual teachers are not focused on money but on helping you reach spiritual independence, a direct connection with the divine and the tools for using that direct connection.

Aho Mitakuye Oyasin! All of us, we are related.